TeleHealth Patient Experience


TeleHealth Patient Experience is an interactive experience to improve patient engagement and lower hospital readmissions. This tool that helps guide the patients while they are hospitalized and what they should do after they’re discharged.

Overall Goal:

One in five patients is readmitted within 30 days of their discharge. The goal of this experience to reduce overall hospital readmission rate. Allowing the patient to be their own advocate by helping them gain knowledge about their illness and preparing the patient with the right tools for when they are in the hospital as well as when they are discharged.




Some hospitals are limited with the devices they offer to the patient. This experience needed to be able to work on TV and hospital bed remote as well as a tablet.


With using different UI element and simplified user flows this allowed the patient to easily use this tool from either a TV and hospital bed remote.


I was tasked with designing several systems in the experience that could work on either a tablet or TV using a hospital bed remote. With these systems, patients can have access to their healthcare plan, activities, informational videos, hospital details, hospital menu with online ordering, and their discharge plan with appointment calendar. I also delivered a design system for the development team.

My role: UI & UX Designer

TeleHealth Nurse

The virtual nurse is a character that helps guide the patient through the experience. Throughout the platform, the nurse will appear to check-in on the welfare of the patient by engaging in dialog. Part of the challenge was to create a few different versions of the nurse character with the existing style.

January 20, 2018
UX Design, UI Design, Character Design